The Performer

The Organist

Solo Repertoire

Own Compositions: Toccata Eclatante, Six Studies, Eine Kleine Chromatische Fuge, Scherzo, A Little Organ Album, Chaconne on a theme by Pachelbel, Christmas Sleigh-Ride, Carillon Symphony, Fanfare for the Millennium, Jazz Fantasy on an American Spiritual, Christmas Symphony, Rondo Capriccioso.

Seventeenth Century; Pieces by Byrd, Gibbons, Tomkins, Sweelinck, etc.

Eighteenth Century: Preludes and Fugues and Chorale-based pieces by Krebs, Buxtehude, Böhm, etc. A selection of the French Classical repertoire. The majority of J. S. Bach’s works. Compositions by Haydn and Mozart.

Nineteenth Century: Sonatas by Mendelssohn. Various pieces by Liszt, Reger, Brahms, Reubke, Franck, Bossi, Wesley, etc.

Twentieth Century: Many pieces by Messiaen. Works by other composers including Alain, Langlais, Dupré, Duruflé, Widor, Vierne, Bonnet, Gigout, Bonnal, etc. other music by Jongen, Karg-Elert, Hindemith, Leighton, Matthias, Howells, Murrill, Harris, etc.

christopher boodle organist

With orchestra

Concertos by Handel. Epistle Sonatas by Mozart. Symphony No. 3 by Saint-Saens.

Transcriptions and arrangements

Various pieces by Mendelssohn, Elmer Bernstein, Meyerbeer, Kerry Mills, C.Armstrong Gibbs, Carnival Overture (Dvorak) etc.

The Pianist

This section is best described by illustration!

Appearances at various Festivals and Music Societies have included the accompaniment of songs and instrumental pieces (almost invariably including some of the composer’s own music interspersed with piano solos, most usually from the 18th century).

christopher boodle pianist
christopher boodle conductor

The Conductor

The composer is always happy to oblige in this respect,
usually with regard to his own music!

What the Press say

“Perhaps the most satisfying thing about Christopher Boodle’s new work is its well-planned outline structure: atmospheric organ introduction and interludes….dramatic passages for chorus….an effective, cyclical conclusion” The Church Times

“His music demands a virtuoso technique to play” The Gloucester Citizen